Commander Johnsson

Ossian’s first love was the ocean

He made a career at sea, which at the end of the 19th century brought him all the way to South America, where he became commander of the Chilean navy.
As an officer, Ossian travelled extensively, but he also kept a home in the harbour Valparaiso, where he met the second love of his life: a Chilean stunner named Rosa Enero.

The pair married in 1911 but Rosa sadly passed away just 13 years later and the heart-broken Ossian decided it was time to move back to Fiskebäckskil. He made his return the following year.

Despite still spending plenty of time at sea, Ossian managed to meet another girl. His second wife, Greta, gave him two children and he loved them all very much. Still, you can’t help but wonder if his earlier heartbreak had left irreparable damage. Ossian died of a ‘weak heart’ at the age of just 55.

Many years later, when Ossian’s granddaughter Eva got engaged, she discovered that her grandfather had saved the rings from his first marriage to Rosa. A jeweller helped turn the two faited rings into a wedding band for Eva and she still wears that ring to this day.

Ossian is buried by the church in Fiskebäckskil, right next to our hotel. Each day as we walk past the churchyard, we’re reminded of eternal love.

As you sleep, or make love, beneath Ossian’s tattoo, we hope you are too.