Oyster and Mussel Safari

Oyster and Mussel Safari with a scent of seaweed and freshly cooked mussels

The Oyster and Mussel safari departs from Norra Hamnen (the North Harbour) in Lysekil. We travel on Signe, a wooden boat from 1956, to the mussel farm where they show you how mussels are grown and harvested. We collect some mussels to cook and eat together later in the day, on a beautiful rock by the sea.

Signe then takes us to one of the few oyster beds in Bohuslän. We pick oysters and learn more about this delicacy at a very special and unique place in Bohuslän. Right underneath the boat is where the famous and exclusive oysters Ostrea Edulis grow. They talk about everything connected to oysters, and offer the opportunity to try them.

We stop off at Käringeholmen, where we cook our mussels and open the oysters, and enjoy them by the shore. After an unforgettable experience in an amazing environment, we take you back to Lysekil, accompanied by the relaxing sound of Signe’s engine.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours


Foto: Maleleine Landley/vastsverige.com

More information: kontakt@slipenshotell.se



  • From: 3.300 SEK/p


This package requires a booking request, because we cooperate with Lysekils Ostron & Musslor.