Master Blacksmith Pettersson

Werner grew up at Repelia in Fiskebäckskil, where his father, Carl August, had a forge.

His brothers, Johan and Axel, were both chief engineers on ships, while his three sisters, Alfhild, Ester and Hilma, in turn worked in sewing, knitting and canning. Werner, too, had plans. He’d applied and been accepted for a job with the customs office, but was forced to turn it down when his father asked him to join the family business.

After falling for Gerda, the cook at the legendary local restaurant Utsikten (“The View”), Werner ended up staying in Fiskebäckskil for the rest of his life.

At the forge, Werner worked both as a blacksmith and watch repairman. He soon learned everything he needed to know about making tools, railings and drainpipes. In time, he also taught himself to deal with heating pipes, engines and sheet metal. When you’re the area’s best blacksmith, you need to stay on top of new developments.

Werner’s skills may have been unrivalled, but he wasn’t the fastest of workers. He once told a customer that his drainpipes would soon be ready, only to get the reply “Soon?! I ordered them two years ago!” “Two years? My, how time flies,” said the laid-back blacksmith.

Werner enjoyed a long and happy life. He passed away in 1973, aged 88. However warmly we remember him, we’re glad we got somebody else to sort the ironwork in our hotel – or we probably wouldn’t have opened on time.