Master Fisherman Svensson

Amandus Svensson loved the sea

From the very first time he laid eyes on a fishing rod, until the day he closed his eyes forever, he was always plotting his next big catch. A hard-working fisherman, he soon earned enough to invest in his own boat, but the longer he spent at sea, the more his house back home suffered, for he had no one to look after it for him.

When Amandus asked his crew if they knew of any maids looking for work, his first mate suggested his own daughter – on one condition: the relationship had to be strictly business. “But of course,” said Captain Svensson and Ida from Brattås got the job.   

As we all know, things don’t always turn out as we plan. When Amandus met Ida, who was 28 years his junior, the pair fell in love at first sight. The promised restraint went straight out the window and Ida fell pregnant. The first mate was initially furious but when he later fell seriously ill and Amandus, with Ida’s help, stepped up to support his family, he finally blessed their union.